John Romeo

John Romeo brings 25 years of commercial photography and cinematography to the table. The expansion of his craft into directing motion brings a fresh new look to the category. His creativity, lighting and attention to detail put everything front and center in a very natural and intimate way, making viewers feel as if they are taking part in the experience. Over the past decade, his client base has shifted heavily towards the food and beverage industry, many of which he hosts regularly at his studio in the heart of the Philadelphia's colorful Italian Market.

"The creation of content is a process, whether it’s photo or video. As a creator of assets for my clients I strive to open a dialog with my clients and find out what their vision is for the project, how they forsee the final outcome. My experience in all aspects of the creative process offers me the insight to present the most creative yet efficient options in reaching those goals. That’s when the journey starts and the fun begins. Together we can work to create that content and make it something special that we can both proud of. At RomeoPhoto we think of our clients like family. Once you’re a part of it, you always will be. Just like in our family, the kitchen is an integral part of our lives, whether shooting food, jewels or shoes we’ll make you feel at home at every shoot. We look forward to spending time with you."